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Äntligen har vi kommit fram till Falun efter en lång och smått kaotisk resa.

Det var snökaos stora delar av sträckan med stopp lite varstans. Det värsta var strax söder om Örebro på E20 i norrgående färdriktning. Här stod vi still i ca en och en halvtimme innan vi fick klart för oss att många hade stått där sedan igår kväll. 😥

Vi lyckades ta oss av vägen och förbi stoppet, vad det nu var.


Nu sitter vi på hotellrummet och kopplar av Stephan och jag. I morgon blir det bokmässa i Kulturhuset. Hoppas jag orkar turista lite i morgon eftermiddag. Jag har nämligen aldrig varit i Falun tidigare.

Är ni här i närheten så kom gärna förbi mässan. Den är öppen från 10.00 till 16.00. Jag har en kortare föreläsning 14.50.

Önskar er en fin kväll och trevlig helg.

A better way to live

In 2007 my life started to change drasticly. During my education to inka priestess (paqo) I found out that I am not only able to communicate with nature spirits but my spiritual guide and teacher is Mother Earth herself. She and other nature spirits have educated me and supported me throughout my whole life. However, it took me ten years to realise if I followed their guidance

I would be more successful in life as a whole. I have come to the conclusion that I cannot rely on the society we have to keep me well and healthy. I also can’t put that responsibility on society or anyone else, it’s just up to me. I have also come to the conclusion that I cannot rely on my body to cope with everything I exposes it to. Therefore I started to change my life in 2017 and with every step I take I feel better both physically and mentally. Step by step I will prioritize my life, what I do and how I live. I can do much more if I focus on the opportunities instead of the problems.

For a long time I have been a slave to my own brain that told me and showed me all the problems and dangers that lie in my path. Dangers that were made up, which led me down the wrong path, straight into a negative spiral of diseases. I am smart enough to refuse to be a slave to my own brain and our sick society. I will take control over my own life. Step by step to be free. Through my true life story, you can follow the insights, knowledge and experiences that have helped me through life. The purpose of my work is to inspire others to find their way to a healthier and happier life.

If you want to follow my path you can follow me here in this blog. Every week I will give you the keys to a better way, a way to live in health, prosperity and happiness. You can get a peacful happy life but you have to do the job on your own. Don’t rely on others to give you that. Because the responsability is yours and only yours to have over your life. Set yourself free. If you woukd like me to help you on your path just contact me at the following mail address [email protected]