Happy ending and Happy new year

The past year, 2022, has been a very eventful year in many ways. Much has happened around the world; the pandemic has continued to wreak havoc but in a new and milder form, war broke out in Ukraine and new elections to the Swedish Riksdag and government where we have again changed sides. But, something else has also happened that is much bigger, many more people have started to wake up. I have met people who suddenly begin to have spiritual connections and others who feel that nature is calling them. People who have changed almost overnight. Even though I myself have known it would happen for a long time, I am still amazed now that it is happening.


My life has come to change a lot in 2022. After being in teachings and working on my own with my spiritual development, I now took the step out. I have started to pass on all the knowledge that I have gained during pretty much the entire life but especially since 2007 when Mother Earth said she is my spiritual guide and teacher. Getting to meet other awakened people has given me the support I’ve been missing all these years, but I’ve also received confirmation of what I’ve learned but in a completely different way than I previously received. I have been amazed that there are quite a few of us who, in different ways, have acquired the same teachings about how we can live in a much better way. Also that the earth is about to raise its frequencies so that we can ascend into a higher dimension. My own development has taken quantum leaps in development this year. My emotions have been on a roller coaster ride but oh what a difference it makes in life when you raise your frequencies. Fear and worry don’t feel as bad or nasty as before, which means that I have found an inner peace and security that I can only hope I pass on to the rest of you until you have found it yourself.


At the beginning of the year, I thought that my book “She calls me daughter” would be the focus. However, it gradually turned out that it would be about my development and what I can give and convey to others. It began when, upon request, I started coaching people who wanted personal advice to change their way of life. People who, like me, want to live in a more natural way that is in better harmony with the rest of the world, that is, all the plants and animals that we coexist with. Advice on everything from diet to how the puzzle of everyday life can work and still live in a more positive way for all of us.   When we then got a bit into the spring, I discovered during a meditation that I have knowledge from before how to heal the etheric body and discover the karma that got stuck in it. That work has led me to discover what a wonderfully magical world we live in. All the etheric beings that are around us and help us during our time on earth as physical beings, because basically we are all etheric beings of various types. Everything I’ve been able to “see” and experience through all of you that I’ve had the pleasure of healing has been magical in itself. I have also encountered many tragic events from the past that settled like shadows in our etheric bodies. However, these must come to light so that we can process, understand why we carry anger and fear that cannot be connected to anything we know. In this understanding lies a healing and in connection with lifting an event or a trauma to the surface, we can release the energy threads that have kept us in that event. The Incas would call it soul retrieval.


This summer I married the man I met in the spring of 2010. A long-awaited wedding that turned out even better than I had dared to hope for. Our wedding and nuptials have been blessed, as I think all our guests can attest. We had invited those closest to us, but I also invited all the spirits I had met during my life. It was magical.Autumn has led me on new tracks in the form of guiding and helping others to communicate with the nature spirits and nature beings that exist in our surroundings. I remember so well when I came to the course in Stockholm so many years ago where I was to be initiated paqo (Inca priestess/shaman). How I came to the realization that I could communicate with the spirit world and who it was I communicated with and had done throughout my life, completely unknowingly. I want to give that feeling to others. It is so easy to think that only certain individuals can do that. However, we are all spiritual beings and as such we all have the ability. We are just different far from it and wake up at different rates. If I can help some people experience it for themselves, I would love to.


2022 has now come to an end and I can only state that a lot has happened. Being able to help others accelerates my own development. I myself have processed and taken care of a lot of old things. Let go of things that keep me in a society and a way of life that I no longer fit in with. We must all go through that development. It is necessary for us to be able to bring about a change in society as a whole. It has gone fast for me but will probably go even faster for you. The higher energies spin faster, and everything goes faster. A new year is already approaching. We do not yet know what 2023 holds in its womb. The only thing I know so far is that I will have a retreat in South Africa that I know in my heart and soul will be transformative. I have now let go of the book and let the spirit world take care of it. I myself will continue the track I am now on, I listen to both my guides but also to you what I should do. I am at your disposal when you ask for my help or want me to come to you, just ask me. I have always found it difficult to price one’s own services and even more so services dealing with the good and bad of the earth that should be free. I have now been told that I will take € 40 per hour. With that, I wish you all a real

Happy Ending & a Happy New Year 2023!