Your thoughts are energy

At the beginning Mother Earth told me that I needed to learn how energies work. It started with me learning how our aura works, that it is made up of lots of energy threads that spin around our bodies. In our physical body there are seven chakras that control the flow of energy. Together they form our aura. There are auras around pretty much everything that exists and we are affected by those that come close to our own aura. It’s been many years since I learned this now and a lot of water has flown under the bridges since then.

If your thoughts are energy, how do they affect us?

I’m constantly learning new things. Something I have recently come to understand is that there is collective karma that can affect us negatively. The energies themselves are neither positive nor negative, energy is simply a movement. However, it is the case that everything we do and think creates energy and with the energy comes memories. If you have a negative thought, it follows the energy thread. This is why we can sometimes feel that someone is thinking badly of us without us having heard it.

Your thoughts can become clusters of energies

Some houses, cars, boats, etc. feel like they have a soul. If everything we do creates energy, then imagine a house that is created. All the people involved in building the house leave some of their energy there. Everyone who lives in the house leaves their mark and everything that happens in the house leaves its mark. Together, all these energy threads create a network of energies, an energy cluster.

A happy home

Some houses you enter you immediately feel “what a lovely house” and you instinctively feel that you feel good in the place. That house carries calm, happy energies. Energies that flow calmly without stagnation or entanglement. The exact opposite happens in a house where very tragic events have taken place. It becomes like a tangled ball of yarn where the energies cannot flow freely. We feel this and some more than others.

An unhappy place

Imagine that everything we do leaves its mark. What then, happens at a place where there has been a battlefield, for example? There can be many tangled bundles of energy that affect us. The same happens with the food we eat, if the food has not been grown with the heart but only for income and greed, it leaves a mark on the food which then affects our health.

Your negative thoughts can thus affect us negatively

Something I have recently learned is that some of these tangled skeins are karma from past events that become our shared heritage. Sometimes it happens that they attach to the aura of a person. You can protect yourself from these, but if you can’t do it yourself, there are talented people who work to help.

Protect yourself from energies in your surroundings

If you are good at visualizing, you can put yourself in an egg or similar. You can also ask your power animal for help to protect you. Feel what works for you. White light is pure love and it always protects us. Build your own force field through loving thoughts about yourself and others. The more you are in the moment and see everything with loving eyes, the stronger you become.

Nature has always protected us and grounding helps protect us. You can go out into nature, hold a tree or just visualize that you have roots that extend deep into the earth. If you cannot manage on your own, seek help.

Take responsibility for your thoughts

Since we create energy threads all the time just by thinking, we really need to learn to control our thoughts through mindfulness. We need to learn to choose our thoughts so that we avoid creating new energy clusters. By changing ourselves, we influence our surroundings for the better and in the long run, we can change our world.

Your thoughts are energy be aware, change your life too