Natural diversity

That I love and care for nature is nothing new to those of you who follow me. In principle, everything I do is based on an approach where I try to adapt to the conditions of nature. My aspiration is to adapt my life and everyday life to nature. We live in the countryside in a larger villa with a fairly large plot. Our endeavor to try to grow as much as possible of what we eat includes getting to know the nature around the house knot. Even if we don’t own a farm, we can strive to have as much natural diversity as possible.

Every place is unique

Every single place on the plot is unique in itself. The soil, the climate, the water supply, yes everything you can think of is different in each place. When I first came to this place I started feeding the little birds over the winter. It took three winters before I found the right place that the birds wanted to visit. Now I have loads of them. Finding the right place for each plant also takes time. You must not be afraid to move plants from one place to another.

A life in symbiosis

My endeavor is to find balance in everything that exists on the plot. Everything from the earth, plants, insects, small animals, birds and to ourselves. Everything must coexist and live in symbiosis. I have lived here since 2011 but only started the process in 2013. We still have a long way to go but every time I see a new plant, insect or bird that has found its way here I am happy. This means that they have found a place of their own choosing and have been drawn to it, so we must have done something right.

Richer garden

In the Danish municipality of Hjörring, a project was started to create biological diversity. Primarily, it was about helping endangered insects by removing the mowed lawns. Both in private gardens and on public areas, they began to sow and plant old native herbs that they know the insects like. It is a very nice commitment. There is so much you can do even on a small surface to help and improve our world. For an insect, a wild lawn can be their whole world. You can follow the project on SVT Play.

Natural diversity

Every single action we take affects our surroundings. The insects that live in the soil help create a prerequisite for nutrient-rich soil. Pollinating insects are directly or indirectly responsible for approx. 75% of our food. We are all dependent on each other. That is why it is so important that we help and do what we can to contribute to a natural diversity. In the garden, on green areas close to the city as well as in forests and fields. All places are equally important. Avoid using poisons and preferably choose organic if you cannot grow your own.


If what I do and write about can inspire others to change their life, their way of looking at things, much is gained. Every person I inspire can inspire other people in turn. Think, how many people we can reach together. If you think you can’t make an impact, think again. Every individual who makes changes towards a better way of life is a source of inspiration. Every small change is worth its weight in gold. So don’t hesitate, come and let’s inspire together towards a better world.