Your choice an impact

The vast majority of us are concerned about how human development has affected our environment and our lives. Many want to make a difference but don’t know how and may not have understood how important our own choices are. Your personal choices are what control the future. It’s easy to think that little me has nothing to say and can’t influence but you do. Not alone but together it makes a huge difference. It is us consumers who control which products should be on the market. Your choice makes an impact!

The free market

The free market means that basically anyone who has a good or service can offer it to others. We have certain laws and regulations that we have to abide by, but basically anyone can offer pretty much anything. We are all dependent on earning money for our own livelihood. How much we earn depends largely on ourselves. The vast majority of us are content with a regular job at one of the companies or social institutions. Some are driven to start their own business because they have an idea they want to try. However, money is the strongest driving force for us all.

Your choice makes an impact

When money is the driving force, we are driven to make choices that are not always the best. That applies to all our choices, but your choices can really make a difference. Every product or service we buy benefits that producer so that more products of the same kind are made. The same thing when you opt out of a product, it is disadvantaged. For a product to remain on the market, there must be buyers. If the buyers do not show up, the goods disappear. The choices you make show the producers what you want and what you don’t want.

Development leads forward

When a new product comes out on the market that is better than the existing one, we should buy it. Even if it’s not what we really wanted. Everything has its own development curve. By buying what is better than what else is available, you as a consumer show that this is in the right direction. Otherwise, we stick to what is worse. If you e.g. want to be able to buy food that you know is completely free of toxins, food that is grown in a way that is good for both land, animals and us, it is better to choose organic than non-organic. Even if you think that organic farming is not good enough, it is still a better option than traditional farming. By choosing it, you show in which direction you want the development to go.

A step back

A little while ago, I was told by an organic farmer in the area that many organic farmers go back to traditional farming as it is not profitable to farm organically. The customers do not show up and the agricultural subsidies are withdrawn. It hurt me a lot to hear because it means we are going backwards in development. Organic farming is certainly not the very best that we could wish for, but it is still much better than traditional farming.

Your choice makes an impact

All our choices matter. If you want a change, you have to be involved and change. Your choices are just as important as mine and everyone else’s. It is us as consumers who speak about what we want through our choices. I understand that it can be difficult for some to choose the right one as it is often more expensive. But what does it cost us if we choose wrongly? I therefore urge you to choose the best option for a development in the right direction towards a cleaner world. It’s all about prioritizing our choices.